The order of appeals of consumers

How to file a written complaint / complaint / claim to LLC LIMIC
Written appeal to the Company can be filed as follows:
• send by mail to the address: 42600, Sumy region, m.Trostianets, st. Kenya, 1A
• Personally transfer to the Company at the address indicated above;
• during the personal reception of the management of the Society;
• send an e-mail to: info@limik.com.ua;
• Calling the Call Center at (05446) 2-40-69


Requirements for the processing of complaints / complaints / claims
1) It should be indicated:
- for household consumer: surname, name, patronymic, address;

- for legal consumer, individual entrepreneur: name, legal address, address of the object of electricity supply.
2) The essence of the issue raised, a proposal, a statement or complaint, a request or a claim;
3) The written application / complaint / claim must be signed by the applicant (s) with the date. When filing an appeal / complaint / claim in electronic form, the email address to which the respondent may receive an answer or information about other means of communication with him should also be indicated. The use of an electronic digital signature in electronic communications is not required.


Consideration of appeal / complaint / claim sent to LLC "LIMIK"
If the email address, telephone number or such information is indicated in the appeal / complaint / claim, then the Company is given a preliminary answer as to the possibility of resolving the issue or notification of the commencement of consideration of the application / complaint / claim and the time period for its consideration. The previous reply is given within 1 business day from the day of receipt
treatment / complaints / claims.
Appeal / complaint / claim is considered in the period specified by the current legislation of Ukraine.
Telephone for information on consumer appeals: (05446) 2-40-69
Or by sending an electronic request to: info@limik.com.ua.


Personal reception of the management of LLC "LIMIK"
Personal reception of consumers by the management of the Company is carried out only by preliminary recording in the days and hours specified by the schedule, at the address: 42600, Sumy oblast, m.Trostianets, st. Kenya, 1A.
The preliminary entry for the reception of consumers is carried out at the telephone number: (05446) 2-40-69

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