Thermal pumps

The main tendency of modernity is to strive to reduce primary energy consumption, that is, fuel consumption, without reducing or even increasing the return on energy to the end user through a more rational way of converting it. Thus, heat pumps are intended to replace as much as possible heating or electric heating installations.

Heat pumps are special devices that combine a boiler, hot water supply and cooling air conditioner. It should be noted that the main distinguishing characteristic of a heat pump from other sources of heat is the ability to use alternative energy from the environment - land, water, air, sewage, etc. They use heat pumps to heat during the heating season of domestic and technical premises, heat water for hot water, and to cool the home in the summer. More clearly, heat pumps are equipment that operates on the principle of a refrigeration machine, transferring heat from a low-temperature source to a higher temperature environment, such as a home heating system.

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