Facility Management
Facility Management

For the last decades, appeared many different business areas on the local market and facility managers take the main part among them. It is relatively new and very perspective are of services, it means, that all no specialized functions and orders the client can give to outsourcing. Thereby he gets quality services, also free up more time for the main business. 

Electrics outsourcing - timely repair and maintenance of electrical networks (including emergency calls), revision of switchboards, laying of new lines, calculation of capacities when connecting new equipment and other types of work.

Locksmith outsourcing-instalation, dismantling and metalwork maintenance, repair of entrance groups, turnstiles, locks, maintenance of lifting equipment, etc.

Plumber outsourcing - - mechanical and emergency cleaning of sewers, laying, and maintenance of pipelines, installation of grease traps and other protective systems.

All these types of services can make in-house experts , but non-core companies (retail, business centers, gas stations, etc.) it is not profitable to recruit staff whose services are needed only several times a month.