LIMIK has been in the construction market of Ukraine for 25 years.

Has more than 10,000 completed objects.

The construction of industrial facilities is a separate area within which the restoration of old buildings or the construction of "industrial" buildings and structures is carried out. This area includes:

 Designing, designing, approving permits, getting permission to start work
 Carrying out a complete set of construction works;
 Carrying out works on commissioning of new structures;
 Reconstruction in order to expand existing businesses.

During the years of activity:

• more than 200 km of low and medium pressure gas pipelines,
• water networks about 25 km,
• gasification of almost 10,000 dwellings, 498 promo projects,
• boiler houses and furnace were reconstructed - 36 objects
• about 5,000 gas meters were installed.
• for the first time in our Sumy region the works on conversion of boiler-houses to alternative fuel were carried out (straw of the village of Yamne; firewood of the village of Gnylytsia; city of Bromlya; the city of Okhtyrka).
• 2 bridges of national importance were built
• 18 main GRSs of international importance were built
• Water wells were built
• Installation of production lines
• construction of bioenergy plant