Maintenance of production equipment

The key to a quality and uninterrupted operation of a commercial facility is the regular monitoring of the systems and prompt troubleshooting within the preventive measures. Quality maintenance of equipment allows to prevent emergencies, to extend the life of pipelines and installations, to create proper sanitary and hygienic state of engineering communications.

Maintenance of process equipment is a way of preventing breakdowns in enterprises. This is a clear economy: cost savings in large amounts due to schedule breaches and equipment repairs, time, costs, losses due to downtime, customer failure due to expectations.

MOT is like a vaccination to create immunity, simply necessary to ensure the continuous functioning of the entire production system, both the units themselves and the people who work for them, and, as a consequence, interact with customers. Care and control of work of cars, their serviceability are provided.

Scheduled inspections, cleaning and washing, adjusting and purging, and similar preventive measures are also required to ensure that the plants work well.

The specialists of LIMIC will develop for the calendar of scheduled technical inspections and necessary works in accordance with the needs of production and equipment.

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