Naftogaz and the European Commission expect explanations from Gazprom.
Date of publication: 06/04/2017
Naftogaz and the European Commission expect explanations from Gazprom.

Russian Gazprom has once again violated the terms of the contract to ensure that the gas pressure in the Ukrainian gas transportation system. It is reported by the press service of Naftogaz.

According to a report today at 8:00 in the morning the pressure on gas metering station (GIS) "Sudzha" fell to a record low level in recent years instead of 49.7 atm contract stipulated 60 atm.

It is noted that Gazprom is also in breach of the transit contract for a maximum level of daily fluctuations of applications for the selection of the gas in the exit points of Ukraine's GTS, which must not exceed 4.5% on item Uzhhorod, but on some days in February this figure was exceeded twice by standards.

"In addition, in certain periods of the current month, the quality of the gas, which is supplied to the Ukrainian gas transport system of Russia, did not meet the physical and chemical parameters covered by the contract, - the Naftogaz and added that the systematic failure to comply with Gazprom transit contract creates risks for uninterrupted gas supply in the European direction. "

In this case, the company stressed that, despite the artificially created obstacles by the Russian side, Ukraine continues to provide a stable supply of gas to Europe, and all the applications of importers of Russian gas are carried out on time.

As part of a rapid response mechanism, the European Commission received a prompt message of the sudden decrease in pressure on the GIS "Sudzha".

"Naftogaz and the European Commission is concerned about the situation of the non-fulfillment by the Russian side of its contractual obligations, and expect Gazprom relevant explanations and remedy the situation for the sake of a stable gas supply to European consumers", - underlined in the message.

As reported of Korrespondent.net, December 28, 2016 Gazprom sharply reduced gas pressure at the entrance to the Ukrainian gas transportation system - by 9%.

The next day, Ukraine showed the EU Commission of violation of Gazprom Ukraine showed the EU Commission of violation of Gazprom. The two sides also prepared an action plan in case of deterioration of the supply of gas from Russia.

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